Career Opportunities at EIMCo

EIMCo has established a reputation for being a great place to work by providing stable, high-paying jobs with excellent benefits, thus resulting in remarkable job retention and growth over the years. In fact...

  • In the 20+ years EIMCo has been in existence, there has never been a layoff.
  • Since EIMCo was started in 1992, there has never been an increase in the cost of health insurance for its employees.
  • EIMCo contributes an average of 8-10% of employee wages to their retirement plans.
  • Employees receive life insurance from EIMCo at no cost.
  • EIMCo offers tuition reimbursement and paid vacation, holidays, jury duty, bereavement, etc.
  • EIMCo hosts several employee-appreciation events throughout the year where employees receive gifts, prizes, and more.
  • EIMCo provides employees with on-site wellness benefits including complimentary flu-shots and annual health screenings.

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Career Opportunities

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